Friday, September 23, 2016


The Franchise Is Truly Dead.

1 star

Mini Review:

Want to see what a fizzled out franchise looks like? Then watch this film.The cast you loved is all there. It’s just that they don’t realise that they’re all rather ancient and pretending to be cute looks just puts the audience off their popcorn.

Main Review:

Bridget Jones is still writing in her diary. She’s still complaining about her batty mum and dad. She’s complaining about this and that and being cute yet alone and being cute and yet drunk and being cute and… You get the picture…

She’s 43, people! And to watch Renee Zellweger scrunch up her eyes and nose to try and look like the original young person struggling to keep her job, lose weight, find a man, and she’s dancing and jumping on her bed to a song (Jump Around by House of Pain) that was released in 1992 in 2016… No wonder she doesn’t recognise Ed Sheeran. Cute? Perhaps the only thing cute in the movie. And only because all of us have some time of the other missed recognising celebs on a flight or at a restaurant.

The rest seems to be forced and after a while ‘I cannot pronounce foreign names because they sound stupid’ or ‘All Chinese look alike’ type jokes seem really juvenile and xenophobic even.

But there’s Colin Firth and his Brit accent that makes everything tolerable. Remember Jennifer Aniston’s rom com movies like Object of Affection and how we sort of thought that pretty women manipulate men into doing things they want? Here, even those of us who invested our attention on Bridget Jones because she fell in love with Darcy (from every girl’s favorite novel) cannot help but be a little angry at the woman who wants Jack played by Patrick Dempsey (so-oh the perfect boyfriend material!) but cannot let go of the inner hankering of Darcy. ‘I didn’t feel like telling’ is not a cute excuse at 43, it is a calculating move. You hope both men walk away into the sunset leaving her gold-digging arse behind!

Fans of the original movie should skip this one. And if you have a hankering to not miss rom-coms, the wait for it to show up on the telly.    

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