Friday, March 13, 2015

Review: FOCUS

Focus Induces ADHD

1/2 star

Mini Review:

Will Smith does not look like the fresh prince any more. The coolness just looks forced and Margot Robbie tries too hard to sizzle. The result is, that the audience would rather focus on their phones...

Main Review:

I must apologise for using the disease 'attention deficit disorder' in a headline, but I couldn't resist it. I spent a whole lot of time wondering why Will Smith looks so battered by time, you wonder if he'll just turn into dust like an unwrapped Egyptian mummy exposed to a mere breeze. He's 46, wiki tells me, and then I'm distracted by lists of con films on the net.

Yes, everything from The Sting is listed. Why is this film attempting to be so cute? Will Smith teaches her all about stealing from people by stealing her ring, her purse, her ring, her shoes, her ring, her sunglasses, her ring. her scarf, her ring, her watch, her ring... I hope you get the picture... And they're doing this on a snow-covered street.

I lose focus because I realise if the hero of a Hindi film were teaching the heroine to steal, or if there was a crowded street where heroine was pickepocketing people's watches and wallets there would be 'jhumka gira re' for distraction, not cleavage.

Now I don't want to sound like our CBFC and object to cleavage, but you'll be so irritated with that constant erasing of sounds which CBFC thinks are harmful to their (and our) collective sensibilities that you begin to lose focus again and check facebook statuses of friends of friends...

meanwhile, here's ten con films you ought to have seen:
(in no order of preference)
The Sting
American Hustler
Ocean's 11
Matchstick Men
The Grifters
The Flim Flam Man
A Fish Called Wanda
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Color Of Money

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