Friday, February 07, 2014

The Lego Movie

4 and half stars!

You can't Leggo of its Awesomeness!

Mini Review:

This movie is so much fun, you'll see it again! And after you have seen it, you will go buy a Lego set and create many Lego worlds...

Main Review:

I admit it. I was snobbish and did not visit the Altenberg or Windsor or even the Legolands in Malaysia and Singapore. I thought it was childish and a waste of time when one could catch a more grown up Broadway musical or eat exotic foods at fancy restaurants instead.

Then I saw The Lego Movie.

I wept on the way back home for all the fantastic adventures I could have had just walking through miniature cities built from little Lego bricks. What the filmmakers have done with their imagination is build not just fantastic cinema, but their filmmaking has pushed the boundaries of animation and computer graphics. My mind is completely blown.

And just as relentless as the action is, there is humor. Tons of it. When you think you are recovering from one funny line, they deluge you with more. And it's not limited to the little guy saying, 'I'm Batman!'

I am amazed at their vision. Each sequence is impeccable. You cannot find fault with any scene. Actionwise, this is a roller coaster ride (made with Lego, of course!). And humorwise, this movie is better than what Hollywood funnies churn out in summer (like the Hangover sequels).

You should simply book yourself twice to see the movie. Once for the humor, and the second time to marvel at the fabulously shot movie.

I will never again curse if I step accidentally, painfully on a Lego piece ever again. 


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