Thursday, May 26, 2011

this is a desert

take my skin first,
strip it away
layer by dry layer,
slowly, i want to feel the pain.
and let the sun
separate the red,
until the sands are thirsty no more.
let the dry northerly winds,
blow away strands that hold
these hollow bones,
so white these bones,
see how easily they crumble,
but will you read what's inscribed
by his quill first?
mannami goyam aanal haq,
mannami yaar ni goyak vigo,
you own me, my blue one,
but won't claim me,
send me copies of yourself,
who don't wish to claim me either.
but am still here on this path,
where a peacock feather lies
a careless clue of you.
am still here,
because the ceaseless wind
brings a refrain of your breath
from a hollow bamboo


Siraj Syed said...

"mannami goyam aanal haq"
Wonder where you got this!
The root, probably, is 'Man na mee goyam an al Haq', which is a mix of Perisna dn Arabic that would roughly translate as "I (man) do not say (na mee goyam) I ('an' in Arabic) am God (Al Haq means both Right, and by extension, God). Heretic kings were supposed to have uttered "An Al Haq", as have Sufi saints, the latter perhaps sugegsting that they were right and being pasrt of God, were God.

Could not get what "mannami yaar ni goyak vigo" stands for. Man and and Na and Yaar... okay. But "goyak vigo..."?

p L said...

good blog.