Sunday, September 07, 2008

still Blue

my love is like camphor,
no visible flame,
but i burn,
until i am nothing.


Anonymous said...

well...of course there's a reason why we use camphor in pujas! One of the meanings in doing so(metaphorically indeed!) is that our bhakti(read:love)is like camphor.
One must burn in it(bhaki/love) in order to become nothing. With or without flame! I do.Many do.

Nice photo!

Grasshopper said...

Oh, the burning, the heat, the tapas, the agony, the seeking, the longing, none of these calm down the incessant mind. It's only your grace, krishna, that will take me to the other shore.

Jugal said...

okay, brain overworked a little on this one... no flame burning of camphor is called sublimation not burning... though on theother hand image of camphor actually burning, the flame is never completely in touch with the camphor there's always this visible gap... finally, whenever someone says camphor, i start thinking of the smell of camphor... which sorta works here, pungent, cathartic.

Blue Athena said...

I like the imagery here...