Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Taking a Stand

Hemant Suthar and Vikraant Nath have taken a stand. Vikraant is a business person who has offered free tee shirts to the striking docs, braving the heat and the dust. he did not have to do it, but he is a believer. Hemant has designed the very powerful logo which is on the tee shirts. i truly believe that we need to find a better solution towards equal opportunities rather than mere reservation.

this is the brilliant logo:



neomatrix said...
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neomatrix said...

I hope people do whatever they can to support the student community.

Anonymous said...

The ancestors of today's SC/ST/OBCs were oppressed. Nobody is denying this, but turning the
tables and now oppressing forward casts/higher caste people for an accident of their birth is quite ridiculous.