Tuesday, October 25, 2005


i feel positively
because i want you so.

its not just skin.
the need goes deeper
its pace is inelegant
crazed? i don’t know.
but there it is,
frantic, directionless.

this mortal need
to hear your laughter
in the hollow of my bones
once again
is driving irrational
thoughts deeper
into my head.

it feels as good as
that usually uncouth gesture
when one drives
the pointing finger,
manic, and unheeding
of any warning,
uncaring of damage,
into the ear.
to scratch rapidly
that unseen
but heartfelt itch.

it is as satisfying as
that demented stretch
of the neck,
and with closed eyes
curling the tongue
to smoothen
the raw edges
inside the throat, when
voicing your forbidden name.


Anonymous said...

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david raphael israel said...

if this represents how you are when feeling unpoetic, heaven forfend the rational world if you start feeling poetic. It's an affecting poem, partly thru its keen observation of sensation. (The forbidden name stuff frightens perhaps, but none of my readerly biz.)

Dan Husain said...

This is breathtaking! Beautiful poem. :-)