Wednesday, September 07, 2005

five seconds of fame

as i look at the production schedule in my hands, looks like i am in the motion picture business.

i plan to blog the entire watch this space!


david raphael israel said...

your post gives rise to a question about whether the comment is facetious (as the Hollywood Star might suggest) or straightforward (as "the production schedule in my hands" could imply).
I could ask you to clarify the (possible) irony; or I could watch this space and see what unfolds!
The latter seems the more interesting solution . . .

Vievrai said...

Curiouser and curiouser.... will be watching this space :-).

Sunny`s Corner said...

only 5 seconds? what is the mater? why are you chasing? it is not worth chasing in life

Zorba said...


you never fail to wield the wand.kaboom!

the first line is...Hmmmmmmmm.....absolute. yeah, absolute.

love n light