Thursday, March 17, 2005


the more i yearn,
the more you laugh.
the more i chase,
the further you fly.
the more i need,
the more elusive you are.

where is my pride?
where is shame?
what is this bliss i seek?
what magic is in your name?

if only you'd pause,
you'd see, my ache,
my want, my hankering,
is only for thee.

but your eyes are closed,
your thoughts elsewhere.
i ask for but one instant,
will you open your heart for me?


jaygee said...

lovely as usual.. y is it that more often than not, your poetry.. tugs at something deep inside.. betrayal perhaps?

PS u dont post on caferati as much now?

jazzy said...

I check caferati only to see your poems. Where are you?